Company – University Linking

Linkages with the business sector are forged in PCyT UTPL through 'Prendho', UTPL’s Office for Transfer of Research and Innovation Results and technological surveillance services. Prendho taps the strengths of networks and strategic alliances that the University maintains with other entities and associations in Ecuador, such as: Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador (AEI), Much Better Ecuador, Ecuador 2030 and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).

25  agreements with local and national companies

Whose members or main actors are all Ecuadorian companies that have innovative DNA.


Developing ideas or prototypes

Companies can share their needs, to generate one or more solutions by developing innovative ideas or prototypes. For this purpose, the PCyT UTPL ecosystem has prototype laboratories in various areas: software, agribusiness, electronics, robotics, sensors, 3D prototyping, virtual reality, e-learning and web technologies.

Depending on the need or problem identified, one of the following innovation methodologies is pursued:


Innovaton UTPL

  1. Research on specific issues and similar cases worldwide.
  2. Generating solution ideas.
  3. 3. Validation by a panel of judges.

Duratiin: 3 o 4 days

Result: an idea


  1. A business need.
  2. Participation of student teams tutored by researchers to solve the need.
  3. Developing a prototype solution for the need (minimum viable product or digital design).
  4. Validation by a panel of judges.


Duration: 3 month

Result:a prototype


URL Retos


Long-term agreements


Arranging agreements and strategic alliances to support the product or service problem-solving, identifying short- or medium-term trends to respond academically to market demands, according to their requirements and needs.

Soft Landing

This consists of helping companies or entrepreneurs who have the desire to enter, and operate in, an environment that is not theirs.

In other words, this investor service helps resolve certain bureaucratic difficulties and provides information and technical consulting to start up a company in its new local area.