In the Science and Technology Park of the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (PCyT UTPL) we are an ecosystem of science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship that, in collaboration with Ecuador's productive sector, drives research, technological development, transfer, creativity, and the creation of companies.

The PCyT UTPL adds value to the university's mission and focuses on integrating and enhancing the human, technical, and research competencies of students, graduates, research groups, and entrepreneurs, as well as the physical, scientific, and technological infrastructure available at UTPL. All of this is conceived to accelerate regional economic development, the growth of intellectual capital, and the transfer of knowledge to society.


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The objectives of the UTPL Science and Technology Park

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Enhancing innovation and creativity in scientific activity

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Promoting new learning opportunities for UTPL students

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Stimulating collaboration with entrepreneurs and public sector stakeholders

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Create an environment that inspires new research, brings innovative ideas to the market, creates relationships between industry and universities and stimulates the economic growth of Ecuador