Incubation and acceleration of startups

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+ 350
Incubated entrepreneurship

+ 130
Graduated startups


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University-industry linkage

The members or actors are all Ecuadorian companies with an innovative DNA

+ 25
Agreements with local and national companies



The UTPL, as a Science and Technology Park, comprehensively trains professionals capable of taking on scientific and technological challenges; the academic training at UTPL enables research and innovation in various topics.

Knowledge management and transfer

One of the main features of PCyT UTPL lies in the discovery and registration – for intellectual protection – of new products or processes that support societal development. When introducing a new product or service to the market, regardless of whether it is easily replicable or intricately created, registering it with national or international regulatory authorities is typically not a top priority for entrepreneurs or business owners.

Those who co-create a product or service with UTPL will receive guidance on the type of registration to choose, in line with their business niche and market projection, to add value to this process.

164 UTPL industrial property registrations recognized nationally and internationally:


Copyright for software, databases, and literary works

Industrial secrets transferred to the productive sector