Knowledge management and transfer

A main feature of UTPL PCyT is the discovery and registration of new products or processes to support society’s development.


UTPL industrial property registries nationally and internationally recognized:

  • 34 Patents
  • 15 Software copyrights
  • 30 Industrial Secrets

of registrations transferred to the production sector


Industrial Property Management

UTPL registers in its own name most products developed through the methodologies of Challenges, Innovatón or Innovation Projects, and then transfers them to applicants through licensure.

Intellectual property is managed by the 'Prendho' Department, specifically assisting in registering industrial property: patents, industrial designs, software copyright, and industrial secrets. Prendho advises researchers on which type of registration to use, how to draft the application, how to submit documentation, and the steps to follow when subsequently transferring registration to an employer

As many different stakeholders are involved in facilitating success in the invention and innovation market, an effective use of intellectual property tools plays an important role in reducing risk for inventors and innovators, who will shortly be able to profit on their participation in commercial or industrial activity.


Developing and managing Spin-offs

A spin-off is a type of company through which the University can take advantage of all the knowledge that has been generated in the entity, by being only a shareholder, without intervening in company management or administration.



The Architecture, Geology and Mines and Civil Engineering Consulting Group (AGEMIC) became UTPL’s first spin-off.

It offers services such as: consultancy and technical advice, research, supervision, implementation, projects, technical reports and testing, development and innovation. The University’s knowledge and experience, focused on the public or private business environment, is applied in this Department.

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Licensing and technology transfer in general

UTPL Impulsa

Currently, UTPL is promoting several creations and inventions and has arranged, in the case of those born from the need of an entrepreneur, to transfer the right to commercial exploitation free of charge. When they arise from a company’s needs, a transfer model is applied, under which the University recognizes the contribution it provided during the process