The Scientific and Technological Park of the Private Technical University of Loja (PCyT UTPL) is an ecosystem of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship that, in interaction with the Ecuadorian production sector, promotes research, development transfer, creativity and generation of local business

The PCyT UTPL Park powerfully adds value to the university's mission, focuses on integrating and enhancing the human, technical and research competencies of scholars, graduates, research groups and entrepreneurs, as well as UTPL’s physical, scientific, and technological infrastructure. Accordingly, all of this is designed to accelerate regional economic development, growth of intellectual capital, and knowledge transfer to our society.



To establish a benchmark for the international research community, to be leaders in Ecuador for economic growth, innovation and recruitment of human talent


To promote research, generation and transfer of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship through intelligent knowledge management


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To promote innovation and creativity in scientific activity

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To stimulate collaboration with academics, scientists, entrepreneurs and key public-sector stakeholders

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To promote applied field research to develop entrepreneurship and startups

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To develop an environment that inspires new research, brings innovative ideas to the market, builds relationships between industry and university, and stimulates Ecuadorian economic growth

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To promote new learning opportunities for scholars so that, when they finish their undergraduate degree, they can become agents of change in our society

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To work as a business accelerator that transforms innovative ideas into new companies and products, ready to enter the market, with potential to climb high